Football Predictions

Many, many years ago a friend of mine gave me the basis for a soccer prediction model. The paper was called “One Match to Go” and was published in December 2009. The paper focused on trying to predict the score and results for the end of season in the Premiership using expected goals and poisson distributions. I had been sitting on this paper for years, I had flitted with the idea of applying the model but in the last few weeks I finally applied it. Read More

Fantasy Football…back to the well

For the 2016-17 I made a concerted effort to track my fantasy football team applying the optimisation techniques that I had discussed in an earlier post. Around February or March I waned but at that time I had resigned myself to mid-table (at best) obscurity and in my own league with a few friends I came bottom, not a ringing endorsement.

Regardless I have looked at the optimal team for the start of this season and it is set out below. Read More

Storm Frank Twitter Impact

Much like my gym regime I spend the majority of my time reading about the appropriate exercises and diets rather than implementing them. It is very similar to my attempts at learning R, Python and Tableau. To my astonishment you actually have to experiment and put in the effort to get your rewards. This is therefore my first attempt at getting data from Twitter, manipulating it and presenting it in Tableau. I would appreciate any feedback on this. It has provided to be a great learning experience. Read More